Odenton Sewer Line Work on Track

May 30, 2012 by Tim Lemke, excerpted from Odenton-Severn Patch (online)

Planning of a major sewer line through Odenton has avoided any major hiccups and should be completed on schedule, officials said.

A major sewer line that will serve large portions of new development in Odenton is on track for completion, said a lead member of the Odenton Town Center Plan Oversight Committee.

On Tuesday Committee Chairman Jamie Fraser said county officials told him preparations were going smoothly. Most importantly, he said the county was done acquiring rights of way from landowners.

The sewer line stretches along Town Center Boulevard and would serve major development projects in the core part of the Odenton Town Center. Officials said they expect to identify a contractor this fall, and the project could be completed by the beginning of 2014.

Several development projects have been held up as they await sewer capacity.

Fraser said any new projects should not be held up by a lack of services.

“By they time they get through the development process, the capacity will be in place,” he said.

Credit: Tim Lemke, Odenton-Severn Patch