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How to Spot a Sidewalk in Odenton

Winer on Odenton by Jay Winer

The easiest way to spot a sidewalk in the Odenton Town Center area is to look down.  If you’re walking on concrete or asphalt next to a road, it’s a sidewalk.  If you’re walking on grass, dirt or mud, then you are one of the many unfortunate pedestrians trying to make a connection between all the new and many existing developments in your community.

Odenton Town Center planning, now in its 47th year, has undergone numerous changes, updates and iterations over that time. One constant has been the need for and plan for pedestrian interconnectivity called sidewalks.  Every Plan has included them and underscored their importance, yet the construction of these vitally important (to safety) and relatively low-cost community connections has been spotty at best.

Developers are usually required to construct sidewalks in the public right of way for the frontage of their project. The State and County who own these rights of way, however, seem to have difficulty in funding the continuation of these pathways. That is the reason a sidewalk seems to disappear into nowhere. It’s maddening to all who live and work in the area.

Plan after plan and study after study has led to request after request on a continuing annual basis, from residents and business to fund pedestrian connections. We are to somehow buy into the notion of how great growth is in our area because it is to include connectivity between properties, schools, parks and more so that our “quality of life” can be improved. A noble and good concept, but full implementation, like the Plan for Odenton itself, has proved elusive.  Some delay, such as funding for the train station redevelopment is understandably complex. Building pedestrian connections to and from shopping, business, school, and homes is not.

Budget after County budget includes the request for design and construction of sidewalks, as will the latest budget to be taken up by the County Council. There’s years’ worth of talking the talk. Now it’s time to walk the sidewalk!

Do You Know

West County has plenty of new residents and the Odenton Advisory Committee is interested in hearing from them (attend their meeting and share thoughts). AJP is also interested in your thoughts on further Odenton progress.  Click here to leave your comments on our blog.

How Much is Your Property Worth?

by Stuart Title 

When a potential client contacts us about selling or leasing their property for them, typically one of  the first questions is…”How much is my property worth?” This is a trick question although not meant to be. Each property owner has an idea in their mind of the estimated valuation based on their “own criteria” of information (my neighbor got $X for their property; I read somewhere…; someone told me…among others).  However, real estate professionals utilize an accepted standard set of business criteria to determine estimated valuations along with “special circumstances” that may encompass a particular property.

Appraisers are real estate professionals whose general purpose is that of determining valuations and in many cases, value confirmation for the lender on a real estate transaction, that there is value and equity to back the loan.  These values can be based on replacement cost of the asset, or based on the income (or potential income) of a particular property. In absence of an appraisal, many professional real estate brokers have the ability to determine a general valuation to work from based on recent transactions; market conditions; supply and demand; and adaptive reuse of similar properties in a similar market.

The buyer’s or seller’s personal situation can also attribute to values. For instance, a user buyer who is interested in a particular property to locate their business might be willing to pay a bit more than an investor buyer who is looking for a certain return. Conversely, a seller who is motivated to sell might value a property less in order to precipitate an offer sooner, where a seller who is testing the waters on a sale might only be motivated by a purchase price above the valuation.

The saying ”You can’t ask for more but can always take less…” certainly applies when pricing real estate for lease or sale. Rarely do you see a property selling or leasing for the asking price or higher.  There is a danger however in asking too much above what similar properties that you are competing against in the market are asking.  There are also other costs to consider that continue to add up while you are waiting for a buyer or tenant, such as maintenance of a property; taxes; insurance; changing market conditions for supply and demand or loan rates; etc.

Valuations of course, are only an estimate of what to expect as a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant when seeking to acquire a property for sale or lease. Other items that affect the value are the condition of the property; which side of the road (location, location, location); ingress/egress accessibility; taxes and operational costs; zoning; visibility; supply and demand; and general economic conditions.

For 35 years A. J. Properties has been advising clients as to what their properties might be worth at a particular time for sale or lease. In deciding to place your property for sale or lease, our honest valuations tell you what we think. Unfortunately, it isn’t always what you hope to hear. However, honesty is necessary for you to make the proper decision and have expectations in the best interest of your situation moving forward.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you to assess and maximize the value and/or income of your commercial real estate.


Spot a Sidewalk | What is My Property Worth? |
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and the Winner is…

Stuart Title, Vice President of A. J. Properties along with Sonja Gladwin of Anne Arundel Community College presented the Middle School educator of the year award to Ms. Vickie Valentine of MacArthur Middle School at the Central Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s annual Spirit of Community awards dinner.


We were also a table host with the good fortune to have winner John Long, Fire Chaplain of the Year, as well as County Executive Steve Schuh at our table.

Frank & Sue Clark, Google photographers at Business Photos America, were also our guests and took a cool, 360 shot of our table. Check it out on our facebook page.


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Introducing Zachary Reynolds

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