The A. J. Advisor Spring 2014

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On The Hook For What You Don’t Know?

by Jay Winer

Businesses and medical professionals often make the same mistake when it comes to facilities. Assuming they can handle their own business location, lease negotiation, and space improvements in the same manner they run their business and practice is a mistake. Imagine chartering a prepaid fishing trip but lacking a fishing spot and bringing nothing to help catch the fish. The captain has the tools, but the client says they don’t need the help. A lot of money overboard, but a wasted trip.

However, the likelihood of success is much increased on our fishing trip if we depend on the captain to supple the gear, bring some refreshments, and guide us to the very best spot for fishing. Money well spent, right? I’ve always found the most important question to ask before undertaking any project is, “What is it I don’t know?”

Although completely competent and successful in your own profession, when it comes to opening a new business there are a few things potentially outside your realm to consider:

  • There are pitfalls in what you don’t know and this can cost you,
  • Family members as advisors are not dispassionate and may not see the big picture,
  • Professional help on planning & implementation is key.

The small investment necessary to allow professionals like AJP to manage the project from design to permitting to construction is paid as a function of the cost of improvements, for which there already exists a budget in most cases. With AJP managing you project over a timeline, items such as lease negotiation, when to have an architect and builder in place, and deadlines for things like permits and rent payments will be managed in your favor.

The old adage “time is money” is just not followed when dealing with a process that involves unfamiliar territory. Without appropriate direction, we have seen instances where an architect can seriously over-design a space, resulting in a costly improvement plan. In the end, permitting and build-out will finally begin but unfortunately, the tenant can be faced with higher costs, longer build-out, and the obligation to pay rent before the business actually opens.

Choosing us as the professional to guide you through the process can save time, money, and serious concerns about areas with which you are generally unaware. Too much money overboard without a captain will cost you.

Don’t go fishing for just anyone. Find a captain with the tools you need and the answers to your questions. When it comes to real estate decisions, trust professionals like AJP to perform, so you can put you attention to your own business or profession.

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Do You Know?

This is the 20th anniversary of our little newsletter.

We appreciate and have been happy to serve the following tenants for 20+ years

Dr. Friedman’s Family Dentistry
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
Khera & Associates
Maryland Retired School Personnel
Odenton Veterinary Hospital
Romeo’s Pizza & Subs
West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce
and Hayward Baker     (1989-2013)

The Inside Scoop: Local Facts You Can Only Learn Here

by Stuart Title

AJP’s involvement in the area, especially with regard to “Community Service” gives us an opportunity to learn information that isn’t confidential at all, but information the public may not generally be aware of.

New Post Commander Col. Foley has taken a great interest in the community surrounding the base especially with regard to public transportation and local roads. He recently went on a helicopter tour with Secretary of Transportation Jim Smith during morning rush hour to show some of the bottlenecks created by inadequate improvements. This tour is likely to speed up the funding for this portion of MD175.

Commander Foley is trying to “get legs” on branding the Post, in its post BRAC era, looking to the now and the future as the Cyber era. He continues to use the phrase “Cyber Center of the Universe”. An effor tis being made to have signs on highways give recognition to this designation as well as to the Odenton Town Center.

The Odenton Now Coalition made up of developers, trades, landowners, and community groups under the leadership of the West Anne Arundel County Chamber is in the process of revision suggestions for the Odenton Town Center Plan, based on the Coalition’s development experiences in the Town Center. They focus on how we can both improve the plan and streamline the process. Efforts are underway to have the changed taken on by the Anne Arundel County Council this session.

One of the building constructed for part of Cyber Command Ops, High Performance Computer Center 2 (HPCC2), is 675,000 square feet to house only 40 employees. Two million gallons of water a day from Howard County’s reclaimed water is needed for computer cooling, and there is a one million gallon emergency water tower. Construction in the woods along MD32 East across from NSA is where the pumping station is being constructed.

Now P r e s e n t i n g…

A. J. Properties a long time supporter of West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce attended the 2014 Celebrate Community Awards Dinner on March 26th. Jay Winer, AJP President, joined Amy Smith of Heim Lantz to present elementary educator of the year awards. At our table, we were pleased to host Anne Arundel County Chief of Staff, Rook Rogers, and Katrina Owens of Congresswoman Donna Edwards’ office. More than 300 people turned out for this uplifting event!

(see photos to right)

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all nominees and winners!

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