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AJP & AACC’s Entrepreneurial Studies

Once again, A. J. Properties is pleased to participate in fostering the business innovators of tomorrow by sponsoring The Elevator Pitch BIG IDEA contest. In its fourth year, this business competition for Anne Arundel Community College students is part of the Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies department. The competition is open to an individual student or group of students who wish to present a new or improvement idea for a product, service or business. Finalists will present their ideas in […]

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Art & Memories

by Jay Winer A few weeks ago, I attended the West County Chamber’ 5oth anniversary “bash” on the grounds of the old Nevamar Plants in Odenton Town Center. The plants have now been fully demolished and the site is being re-developed by StonebridgeCarras Company for a mixed use housing and commercial project. I have to admit it was bittersweet for me to go on site. My family built those original plants that supplied most of the jobs in the area […]

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It’s A Question Of Power

by Jay Winer We’ve all seen our legislators attempting to appear concerned by calling in BGE to explain how it reacted to our last big storm and all the outages we all suffered through.  Maybe if the Public Service Commission turned down BGE for passing along the cost of power restoration from our big storms, there would be a financial incentive to bury wires. Fewer wires to come down would mean fewer outages. BGE claims the cost of burying wires […]

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Saving A Colorful Part Of Odenton’s Past

By: Jay Winer I’ve written a bit about my family’s start in Odenton in 1941, creating National Plastic Products Company, known to many as the Nevamar plants.  By the early 1950’s, nearly 1,500 people worked there and that growth fueled my family to invest in property in the area that today are projects like Midway Industrial Park and Piney Orchard. In addition to my family’s philanthropy in the community, something about which they were very proud but very private, they […]

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We Love This Town

While driving to work last week, I passed the electronic sign at Seven Oaks Auto on Telegraph Road. In addition to time and temperature, it read: “Welcome to Odenton, we love this town.” It got me to thinking about why those of us who have worked and/or lived here for most of our professional lives are so passionate about the pace of improvements or lack thereof for Odenton Town Center. Make no mistake; there has been progress, especially lately with […]

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How Piney Orchard Got to Be What it is Today – Conclusion

A personal account by Jay Winer After 20 years of growth, one million square feet of a manufacturing facility constructed in Odenton at National Plastic Products Company and land purchased at Piney Orchard to house future employees, the Winer family was faced with a tough decision; grow or sell. My father and uncles were used to knowing every employee, often just by first name. They operated hands-on with each brother handling a different division. My father, Albert was in charge […]

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How Piney Orchard got to be Piney Orchard

A personal account and viewpoint By Jay Winer Those of us living and/or working in the Odenton area for most of our lives might recall the gradual progression of events that lead to Piney Orchard becoming the well planned place to “live, work and play” for so many residents. On the chance that many people residing in the area don’t know how it happened, I thought I might bring a unique perspective. If anyone remembers the one word from the […]

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Perception, Perception, Perception

by Stuart Title I recently wrote to Anne Arundel County department heads as well as other West County leaders and stakeholders with regard to property in the Odenton Town Center.  Tim Lemke of the online Odenton Patch wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about how the buildings on certain parcels (the old China Plus and auto parts store) were razed for the good of the community according to Frank E Dimick. I wanted the County to know it […]

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Odenton Vol. Fire Company – A Critical part of Odenton Town Center Infrastructure

by Jay Winer A recent release by Odenton Patch includes a story on the upcoming capital campaign by the Odenton Volunteer Fire Company (OVFC).  The health and improved capabilities of the Odenton Volunteer Fire Company are as important a part of public infrastructure as any public utility, road or school serving the existing community and the immense BRAC related growth that has already begun in the Odenton Town Center area.  An argument could be made the OVFC is even the most […]

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Odenton Town Center Warning Bell

– and it’s not your alarm clock. It’s been a year now since Anne Arundel County passed the most recent version of the Odenton Town Center Master Plan. The original plan was passed in 1994 and the Odenton Town Center Oversight Committee was established in 1995. The first detailed plan with development criteria and permitted use areas was adopted in 2004. The latest version calls for evaluation of progress, updated capital budget needs and reports of essential revisions annually by […]

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