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Video on Odenton Development

It’s in our slider but bears repeating. Have you seen the latest video on Odenton published by the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation? Along with showcasing new area development, it highlights Odenton’s median income and you might be surprised.  It’s just 3 minutes, watch it here.

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$ for Fort Meade

On Tuesday, November 10 the Senate joined the House in passing legislation to make investment in Maryland’s defense assets. Merging versions is next.  Part of the outcome will mean local construction jobs. For Fort Meade, it includes $86 million for the Air Force United States Cyber Command Joint Operations Center; $33.7 million for National Security Agency upgrades to provide electrical power; $34.9 million toward an advanced operations center for National Security Agency personnel; and $34.5 million to ease traffic congestion […]

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Giant Food coming to Odenton Town Center

With applause and fanfare, A. J. Properties welcomes Giant Food & Pharmacy to the Odenton Shopping Center in Odenton Town Center. Directly across from our Odenton Health & Technology Campus, Giant has leased 60,492 square feet and is currently under construction. Reports say they plan to open by the end of the year which can’t be too soon for many Odenton residents and AJP too!

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OTC Perception: What’s Yours?

Odenton is working hard to turn the corner. Tell us your perception in the comments. A Matter of Perception by Stuart Title Recently an Arundel High School student inquired as to why Odenton with the new development, still looks run down? In the remake of Odenton, this perception may be the most damning. Not just in the eyes of a local student, but in the eyes of investors and retailers looking from the outside in. Perception is a product of […]

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Imperative to VOTE YES for Question 1

by Stuart Title Unfortunately there is NO long term Federal plan, nor any concrete State plan when it comes to transportation. The country is in need of hundreds of billions of dollars of repairs to a crumbling infrastructure. In Maryland alone it is estimated at over $7.5 billion in today’s dollars. The unfortunate thing for Maryland is they had a plan crafted in 1971 with the creation of the Transportation Trust Fund, with billions of dollars at one point, that […]

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“Protecting History Does Not Mean Living in the Past”

by Jay Winer I recently attended a meeting sponsored by the Anne Arundel County office of Planning and Zoning to review the “historic overlay zone” that is part of the Odenton Town Center Master Plan. The Plan is being updated and revised for the second time in the last 10 years and 20 years after the first Master Plan was created. I chaired the community committee appointed by the county executive 20 years ago to oversee the Plan’s implementation.  It’s […]

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A J Properties Supports the Arts from Home to Hollywood!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” –Edgar Degas A. J. Properties is pleased to partner with West Arundel Creative Arts (WACA) by providing studio space, to bring the arts to west county to effect change in our community.   The arts transcend race, culture, social & economic mores in a language everyone can understand.  Fortunately for west county, WACA, a studio for performing and fine arts, can be found at Academy Junction Plaza in Odenton Town […]

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What Makes A Town Center?

So what is a town center really?  Jay and Stuart both chose to write about it (separately) in the latest edition of The A. J. Advisor.  Is it a definition or an expectation? Do you think Odenton Town Center meets it? Should people be re-educated on the definition of a town center or should the definition be re-created to meet with today’s way of life?  If redefined, what might be lost in the previous meaning? Before publishing the newsletter, we […]

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A. J. Properties, Inc. 1983-2013

Funny how it is – 30 for a personal birthday makes you raise your eyebrows that you’re leaving your younger years behind. When it is a business anniversary however, Longevity, Stalwart, and Steadfast are words that come to mind. Oh, and Pride – pride in the ability to adapt over the decades to stay relevant and engaged. Well we are proud to say A. J. Properties is celebrating our 30th Anniversary and we have you to thank! It was begun […]

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AJP & AACC’s Entrepreneurial Studies

Once again, A. J. Properties is pleased to participate in fostering the business innovators of tomorrow by sponsoring The Elevator Pitch BIG IDEA contest. In its fourth year, this business competition for Anne Arundel Community College students is part of the Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies department. The competition is open to an individual student or group of students who wish to present a new or improvement idea for a product, service or business. Finalists will present their ideas in […]

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